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Best Firewall to Home

After countless network attacks over the years (such as the Wannacry ransom raid), network security is often in the news. Protecting your family and yourself online seems an increasingly difficult challenge these days.

However, there are certain things you can do. Besides installing an antivirus program, updating all your devices and carefully surfing the Internet, it’s a good idea to have a firewall on your network.

Best Domestic Firewall:

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If you are worried about network security and want to know a little more about firewalls, read on!

Best Domestic Firewalls

1. Griffon Advanced Security AC Wi-Fi Router (ideal for parents)

This is the first option on our list. Griffin.

This is not really a special firewall… It’s more of a unit.

It is ideal for private users. Users who are not very familiar with the technology, but who want good protection against Internet piracy. It also has interesting additional features, such as improved parental control.

The griffin is perfectly suited to prevent burglaries without too much effort. You cannot manage it like a normal router (look at and enter the default data). No, you can only access this router through the Gryphon application.

What does that mean? It will not be possible to hack the router remotely (via SSL or HTTP, etc.) because all ports are closed. There is no need to have them because you control them with the application.

The Griffin is perfect for families who want to limit, control and monitor activities on the internet. With the application it is very easy to see which devices are on the network and what they have access to.

Oh, what if your kids think they can be smart by using VPN to bypass those controls? Well, the Griffin blocks the VPN ports, making the VPN useless.

It should be noted that at the time of writing this article, there was no way to install a VPN in the real griffin of the outside world. This may change in the future. If VPN is not a problem in your home, you can ignore it.

You can also purchase additional Gryphon devices and connect to your home network. Handy for big houses.

2. ZyXEL ZyWALL USG20W VPN Firewall (ideal for home and small business)

The Zyxel USG20 is a high-end, feature-rich firewall for the home. The hardware is equipped with a WAN port and four LAN ports, allowing you to connect one router and multiple devices to the firewall. These are all gigabit ports, so they shouldn’t slow down your network. Theoretically, it is also possible to use 1.3 Gbit/s wireless alternating current.

From a security point of view, your network must be well protected against many different attacks when using this device. The Stateful Packet Protection system monitors all data entering your network at 350 Mbps, which means that all networks except the fastest will notice no delay.

Other security features include virus protection, intrusion detection and prevention, and anti-spam. In fact, your network is protected from all sides with this firewall. There are also VPN IPSec options to ensure the security of your data and for remote access to the VPN network.

As far as the design is concerned, it’s quite simple, but that just means it shouldn’t seem out of place in your home. Moreover, it is small enough to be placed next to the router.

The configuration is done via your browser, and there are wizards that make it as easy as possible to configure the firewall and VPN security settings.

But the icing on the cake of this product is that it comes with a lifetime hardware warranty and free technical support. The round is a good buy!

3. Netgear ProSafe FVS336G Dual WAN VPN Firewall (better suited for redundancy)

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Netgear ProSAFE FVS336G is an elegant firewall with a few tricks up its sleeve. It is designed for small businesses, but because of its price it can also be suitable for a home user who wants extra security.

It has a variety of security features, including a secure VPN that uses SSL (single client) and IPSec (site-to-site) protocols to provide additional security for your data, and additional features such as Denial of Service (DoS) protection, which limits the maximum number of simultaneous connections to ensure that your network cannot be destroyed by a Denial of Service attack.

This includes Quality of Service (QoS), which allows you to prioritize certain types of traffic to ensure that devices and applications that require more bandwidth receive it.

The design of the product is fairly standardized for a firewall, the front is of course dominated by 4 LAN ports (and 1 WAN port), but it is unlikely to stand out from the rest of the network equipment.

In fact, it is an excellent product with many safety features. With 4 LAN ports and other functions, this is a firewall worth considering.

4. Bit Defender Box 2

Here we have Bitdefender Box 2, from, uh… Bit of a defender.

Now, I’m warning you: This is another firewall that has no VPN functions for incoming connections. If this is important to you, look at Netgear or Zycel above. However, has an outgoing VPN function (above Full Security) if you need it.

What’s wrong with him? Well, it’s a bit like a Griffin because it’s about plug and play. The installation is carried out using the phone application or, if running on Windows or Mac, Bitdefender Total Security.

This is especially useful for protecting network devices in your home that do not have antivirus capabilities (think Smart Home). For those who are able to work with audiovisual means, there is also no need to delay them, as they can leave all the work to Box 2 and free up their resources. If you have a laptop or a phone connected to different networks, you will of course want the AV to be installed on them independently.

Like Griffin, he has proper parental control. Includes web monitoring and limitation of internet access time. Useful tools for a parent.

It has a wireless MU-MIMO air conditioner (up to 1.93 Gbps) and can be connected to a router or modem. …although most people connect it directly to the modem. When you connect it to your router, turn off your wireless router!

5. Trend Micro Firewall for home networks

>> Click here to read customer reviews and learn more about Amazon.

The Trend Micro Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) further simplifies configuration for people who need protection quickly and easily without the need for network security training. It connects directly to your router. Essentially, this firewall protects your network against a wide range of threats through deep packet inspection.

There is no wireless network. The idea is that you save your router, connect it and it constantly checks all the devices in your home network to make sure that there are no intruders and that your devices have not been compromised and are making suspicious outgoing connections. All traffic entering and leaving your network goes through the firewall for home network security.

Parental supervision, which in turn is the subject of the application, is also included.

No VPN functionality included.

What is a firewall?

There are two types of firewalls. The first type you probably know is the software firewall. These are firewalls that often come with your antivirus software and are designed to block malicious connections that enter your computer.

The second type of firewall is a hardware firewall. These firewalls can be supplied as separate hardware components connected to your router, or they are often already included as a feature in your router.

What distinguishes them from software firewalls is that they can stop malicious incoming connections before they reach your network. This is advantageous because they provide additional protection to any device that has a firewall installed, while protecting any device connected to your network without a firewall.

In addition, a dedicated firewall often includes additional features such as advanced VPN capabilities (normally not visible on consumer equipment), in-depth traffic analysis and other configuration options.

These two types of firewalls act as a wall between your computer (or network) and any connection they consider unsafe. This can prevent things like Trojans and hackers from accessing your equipment (and your personal files).

Look out! Look out! Not all special firewalls are protected against viruses (some are on our list). You need both virus protection and a firewall to ensure maximum security on the Internet.

  • Best dual-band router
  • Wired router on top (no Wi-Fi)

Why do I need a firewall at home?

If you are a home user, many people wonder why someone would connect to your network. After all, you may not have as much information as people in the outside world find important.

However, while companies are certainly more likely to be victims of targeted attacks by hackers than private users, there is still a risk of attacks when using the Internet.

Using a firewall can greatly reduce the chance of being hit by a remote attack, a Trojan horse or a hacker trying to break through a known vulnerability in the operating system that has not been updated.

In addition, hardware firewalls that can be connected to a router are very useful because they protect devices that do not have them. Although most computers today are protected (to some extent), some are not and may be vulnerable. And they can provide extra protection for devices like smartphones – especially if you have a base phone.

Firewall functions for display

Even if you already have a firewall installed on your router, it may be beneficial to use an additional firewall (or just a special firewall if your router’s firewall is disabled). All firewalls in this list have many configurable options and features that you may not get with a firewall on your router.


Many firewalls on the list have VPN functionality. There are two main types of VPNs on firewalls: the remote access VPN and the site-to-site VPN, each with a slightly different use.

VPNRemote access

VPN Remote Access gives individual client devices access to your network from remote locations. The firewall acts as a VPN server that allows you to access your home network from anywhere in the world. When you open the VPN, all data traffic is encrypted, which means that the data you send must remain confidential and secure despite remote access.

Site-to-Site VPN Networks

The VPNs in the site-to-site schema are slightly different. They allow the installation of a encrypted tunnel between two networks via Internet. When you do this, it appears that the two networks are connected to each other and that users on the same network have access to the other network.

This feature is most often used for companies with multiple offices.

Advanced web filtering

The Firewall’s advanced web filtering allows you to select exactly the type of content allowed on your network and block specific websites.

Depending on the firewall, advanced web filters may allow you to block these items:

  • specific URLs
  • A few key words
  • Some types of files
  • Some IP-addresses

Checking the condition of the package

Stateful Packet Inspection analyzes the data packets sent over the network. While other types of stateful packet inspection only check the packet header, stateful packet inspection checks packets up to the application layer.

In fact, it reduces the chance of a packet ending up in your network or accidentally slipping inside.

If you have a fast Internet connection with a large number of users, the SPI on a dedicated firewall generally works better than consumer routers.


In short, a firewall is a useful piece of hardware that provides an extra layer of security for your network and the devices on it. By stopping threats before they reach your network, you can help protect all your data and reduce the risk of hacker or Trojan horse attacks.

Each of the products on our list is quite unique, although they all have basic firewall features. The ideal product for you probably depends on the extra features you find important and on your budget.

If you’re a parent who wants to make trouble, Greif is worth a look. If you want to get your hands dirty, or if you have a small business where you could use this, look for Zycel Zywall.



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