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Best Gigabit Switch To Home Network

Ethernet switches are a great way to provide ultra-fast Ethernet connectivity for devices on your home or corporate network. This is an excellent way to guarantee a stable and fast network connection.

Best Gigabit switches for the dwelling: Election peak period

The links above will take you to Amazon. Below you will find more information about the switches.

Read the following to find out why you need a Gigabit Ethernet switch, what different types of switches are available and to get an overview of some of the best Gigabit switches.

Why do you need a switch? What does a switch do?

A Gigabit Ethernet switch is a way to create a network using Ethernet cables. Whether you know it or not, most people already have an Ethernet switch on their router, since the Ethernet ports you almost certainly have on your router at home are actually an Ethernet switch.

  • What about the routers, what do they do?

Of course, four connections on your router may not be enough for your needs. You can also connect multiple devices to a location outside your router. In this case, you must purchase an Ethernet switch.

Ethernet switches usually start with five Ethernet ports, although they can have up to eight, 16 or even 24. If you need more than that, you should probably look for enterprise-class Ethernet switches.

One of the main advantages of using an Ethernet switch to connect devices to a network instead of Wi-Fi is that Ethernet connections are generally faster and more reliable than wireless connections. As such, they are ideal for things like gaming and network file transfer.

It is important to note that you should not think about replacing your router with a Gigabit switch. You still need a router on your network to provide IP addresses to devices on your network and to route traffic to and from the Internet. In addition, routers are equipped with features such as firewalls, quality of service and security settings to keep your network running smoothly.

Connection switch A

What is a PoE switch, do I need one?

PoE (Power over Ethernet) enables the transfer of electrical energy over Ethernet cables. It is often used with devices such as telephones and surveillance cameras. A PoE switch is essentially a network switch that also uses PoE to power network devices.

If you want to connect devices such as computers, printers, etc. to your network, you don’t need to purchase a PoE switch, but if you want to connect compatible phones, cameras or access points to your network, a PoE switch can be a good option.

Most home users will not need a PoE.

Controlled and uncontrolled switches ?

The difference between managed and unmanaged switches is actually quite simple. An unattended switch is a switch that does not need to be configured by anyone. They work autonomously, and by simply connecting the Ethernet cable to the switch, anyone can connect to an unattended switch.

Since anyone can use an unattended switch, it is ideal for your home or small office network because new devices can be easily connected to the network and users can continue to use the network easily.

Controlled switches, on the other hand, have to be set (although they often work directly from the cabinet). They use the GUI menu to give the switch owner more control to get the most out of their network.

The disadvantage of managed switches is of course that if you want to use a managed switch in your network, you need someone to install and operate your switch. Although many managed switches are quite intuitive and easy to set up, it’s an extra job you might not want to do.

All products covered in this article are unattended network switches.

Top 5 Best Gigabit Switches for home use

1. TP-Link TL-SG108 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Desktop Switch



  • 8 Ethernet connections
  • No fan for silent operation
  • Steel housing and 5 year warranty

This mid-range Ethernet switch comes with a range of features to help you expand your Gigabit Ethernet network.

It’s well done, with a metal casing that suggests it’s not easy to break. It comes with a 5-year backup guarantee and unlimited technical support for TP-Link.

The 8 Gigabit ports provide sufficient available connections, which should be enough for most home networks. Alternatively, it is also possible to purchase the same product in 16 and 24 port versions.

It’s very easy to install and use, just plug it in and add cables to your network. This would be a great product for those who want to switch to their network without too much effort.

One of the characteristics of this product is that it has no fan. This means that no matter where you place the product, it won’t make noise or interfere with your work.

2. Netgear Prosafe GS108PE 8-port Gigabit Switch with Web PoEManagement



  • 8 Ethernet ports, including 4 PoE ports
  • Possibility to configure VLAN, QoS and switching traffic
  • lifelong guarantee

The most important feature of this router is its ability to use PoE. If you need to send power via an Ethernet cable, this product is ideal for you. This allows you to power compatible phones, cameras and access points.

Although the basic configuration is simple, this switch also allows you to configure items such as QoS and traffic directly from the switch. These additional options allow you to configure your network more efficiently than with other switches.

One of the disadvantages of this product is that the extra functions make this switch one of the most expensive devices on this list.

In general, it is an excellent switch that gives you extra possibilities for your network. It can be ideal if you are looking for something more advanced for your network.

3. Linksys SE3008 8-port gigabit metal switch



  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Easy to set up
  • One year warranty

This is a good Gigabit Ethernet switch. It has 8 Ethernet ports, but is also available in 16 and 24 port versions.

It has a metal housing that increases the resistance of the routers. A small disadvantage is that it only has one year warranty, which is unfavourable compared to some of the other products on the list.

It has features such as Quality of Service (QoS) that allow you to prioritize specific types of data. This is especially useful if you play or send a lot of media. It is also very easy to set up and requires a simple connection. It also comes with a wall bracket to give you more options on where to place it in your home or office.

It is an excellent device that should allow data to flow over your network without any problems.

4. TP-Link TL-SG1008P 8-port Gigabit Ethernet PoE desk switch



  • 8 ports, including 4 PoE ports
  • power efficiency
  • Easy to set up

Like the Netgear switch above, this TP-Link switch also has PoE functionality on its four ports. It is used in the same way and can power compatible phones, access points and cameras.

It doesn’t have as many options as Netgear when it comes to traffic, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you want to keep things simple. If you are using this switch, just plug it in and get going.

It is an energy-efficient device that consumes only 15.4 watts per port (53 per PoE port), which can help reduce costs.

Like the Netgear switch, this unit also has a fan. This means that if you don’t want to be disturbed by noise, you have to store it where the noise doesn’t bother you.

If you are looking for an unattended PoE switch with the simplest configuration, this may be the switch for you.

5. Cheap alternative: TP-Link TL-SF1005D 5-Port Fast Ethernet Switch for Desktop PC (This is not 100 Mbit/s Gigabit!)



  • 5 connections
  • fanless design
  • Easy to set up

This desktop switch may not have as many ports as the other switches in the list, but it has great advantages.

Firstly, it is smaller than the other switches due to the lack of ports. It can easily be placed on a table or placed on a table. It is also without fan, so it will not be an obstacle to have it near the workplace.

Second, it’s a very cheap exchange. If you think you don’t need 8 ports, you can save a lot of money by buying this port instead of just one. Despite the price difference, it is still easy to install and has all the basic functions you need.

If you just want to have a few more Ethernet ports on your network without spending too much money, this switch might be for you.

Do you have one of those switches? Do you think you’ll get it? Please let us know in the comment section below.



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