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Best Portable Wi-Fi Router for your vehicle

Installing Wi-Fi in your car can have several advantages. Whether it’s calming the kids down with a movie or getting the latest traffic information, it’s the right way to make your trip a little more enjoyable.

We all want to travel in the best of comfort, don’t we?

First selection: Best Wi-Fi Autorouter

For more information, see below. You can follow the links above that take you to any portable Wi-Fi router at Amazon.

How to get Wi-Fi in your car –Preferences


From installing a Wi-Fi router in your car to buying a new car, there are several ways to get Wi-Fi in your car. Here are the four most important ones!

How do you get free wifi at home?

Using a smartphone

Smartphones seem to have features for everything that’s possible today, and Wi-Fi in your car is certainly no exception.

The latest smartphones can be converted into Wi-Fi hotspots. This simply means that it allows other devices, such as laptops and tablets, to use its data.

If you have one of the latest 4G smartphones and are in a constant signal area, you can use your phone to establish a lightning-fast serial connection.

However, before you let your children broadcast the latest blockbuster 4K movies on the back seat of the car, you should keep in mind that the cost of data transmission can be very high. Always test your network before using your phone as a Wi-Fi access point.

Even if you have unlimited data, you cannot use your phone as an access point on some networks. This means that you may have to move to a more expensive contract.

In general, using a phone as a Wi-Fi access point is a simple and effective solution that requires very little set-up (assuming you already have a smartphone).

4G dongle

Like using a smartphone for WiFi, a key is a device that creates an access point for other devices to connect to the Internet.

The difference is that the dongle is the device intended for this access point. This can have several advantages, including the fact that you can just leave your key in the car when you need it.

Moreover, your wireless dongle comes with its own contract. These are additional costs compared to using your phone as an access point, but depending on your phone’s data plan and the data plan selected for your wireless key, it may be less expensive.

Many Wi-Fi dongles can simply be connected to the USB port in your car, which means that if you need to remove them for any reason, you will have a permanent Wi-Fi connection in your car.

These wireless keys are available on most data networks.

Buying a car with built-in internet and wireless *warning* is a very expensive option!

Although of course you don’t have to get into a new car to get an internet connection, this feature can be useful if you are already considering buying a car.

These integrated, dedicated access points are likely to provide you with the most consistent connection and are also fully compatible with your vehicle’s system. This means you can use features such as maps, internet radio and real-time traffic data.

The downside is that if you own the car for a long period of time, the built-in Wi-Fi may be outdated, and the fact that it is built-in will probably make it difficult to replace.

Portable Wireless Routers

The portable wireless router is our last chance to have Wi-Fi in your car. These dedicated routers offer you an excellent wifi connection, but they also have the disadvantage that you cannot connect to the internet without a data plan.

However, you can exchange files. This means, for example, that you can download certain movies to a shared hard drive, connect to your router and access the movies on any device on your computer.

What’s more, your built-in Wi-Fi router can act as a wireless range extender and access any wireless network nearby to use the Internet. This can be particularly useful in places such as car companies.

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  • Difference between LAN and WAN
  • What is the best wireless router?

Free ways to get wireless internet from your car

With public Wi-Fi hotspots you can use Wi-Fi in your car for free. When you leave the access point, you run the risk of losing your Wi-Fi connection, but if all you need is fast internet access, this can be a good solution.

Basically, all you have to do is find a place that probably offers free WiFi. These include cafes, libraries and fast food restaurants. If you can detect the nearby car park, you can access the network of this car park and use Wi-Fi in your car.

If you cannot access the Wi-Fi network from your phone or computer, many of the car routers listed below also act as Wi-Fi range extenders, extending the duration of an existing Wi-Fi signal.

This can give you a much better Wi-Fi experience in the car, but it can be even more useful if you or your family are not in the car (but of course always near the car). For example, if you have parked for a picnic and want to connect to Wi-Fi… your portable router will expand the Wi-Fi it connects to.

Install Wi-Fi in your car

Of course, the way you install Wi-Fi in your car depends on which method you choose.

If you are using a smartphone as a wireless access point, activate this feature on your phone, set a password, and then connect to the network with another device.

In the same way, using a wireless key as an access point requires that you simply turn the key on and connect as you would on any other network.

If you are using a portable wireless router, just turn it on and connect to it, although you may need some configuration if you want to connect to a wireless network.

Best Wi-Fi router for your car

1. TP-Link TL-MR3020 3G/4G Wireless Router N150



>> Click here to read customer reviews and learn more about Amazon.

  • Compatible with some USB modems/disconnects for Internet access on the go.
  • A well thought out and reliable device.
  • Provides the ability to share a 3G/4G mobile connection, if available.
  • Huge two-year warranty and unlimited technical support.

This router offers a variety of options for wireless connectivity on the go and is ideal for those who want a little more of their portable router.

2. HooToo HT-TM05 wireless routeron the go



>> Click here to read customer reviews and learn more about Amazon.

  • Ideal for watching movies in your car, as you can transfer media to tablets, PCs and connected media players.
  • Use the bridge to extend the range of wireless networks.
  • A cool look and a stylish device.
  • Excellent battery performance.
  • Support Hromcast.

This powerful router has a long battery life and a number of high-tech features. This is a great product to use in the car and in any other situation where you need a portable wireless network.

3. HooToo HT-TM02 Wireless Travel Router



>> Click here to read customer reviews and learn more about Amazon.

  • Increase your Wi-Fi signal by expanding your existing connection.
  • Exchange files stored on your external storage device with up to five other devices.
  • The one-year warranty demonstrates the brand’s confidence in its product.
  • You can only stream files with a special request.
  • Offers you wireless access at a relatively low price.

This low-cost offer is ideal for users who want an easy way to set up a Wi-Fi network in their car or on the road.


In short, there are many ways to access your car wirelessly.

Since most people already have the necessary equipment, the easiest way to set up a wireless access point is to use a smartphone.

If you probably use the internet a lot in your car, buying a special key with a data plan can save you money in the long run despite the extra costs. You can connect the key to your portable router (make sure it’s compatible) and share the Internet with other guests over Wi-Fi.

If you’re just looking for a way to set up a Wi-Fi network in your car, buying a portable wireless router allows you to share files and work as an extension of your wireless network.

Of course, if you’re feeling very fast and really need Wi-Fi, you can always buy a new car with built-in Wi-Fi! You’d have more money to go that way! If you are looking for a new car, this is actually an option that should be considered.

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