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Best Satellite Internet Router

You know very little about satellite internet? For most people, that’s no surprise. Realistically, satellite internet is a variant of the internet that many people don’t have to worry about.

First selection: Satellite Internet Routers

(Top left you’ll find the Amazon.)

However, for people who live or work in remote areas and do not have access to cable or DSL internet, this can be an absolute discovery.

If you have or are considering a satellite connection to the Internet, you should get a router with features that optimize the services you offer.

What are the functions of a good satellite internet router?


Of course, security is an absolutely essential function for any network. However, due to high costs and policies to limit the fair use of many satellite Internet services, this is particularly important for satellite routers.

Indeed, if someone uses your precious Internet allowance without your knowledge, you risk having a low speed for the rest of the month (and/or not having access to the Internet because of a data breach).


Quality of service

Quality of Service (QoS) is another important feature of your router because of these fair use principles. When configuring the QoS, you can ensure that certain applications are excluded from the use of the Internet.

This means you can prohibit anyone on your network from using all your bandwidth to watch a show on Netflix.

Traffic use and control

This is another important function for monitoring who and what is using your Internet. If someone on your network uses more than a reasonable part of his or her resolution, you can see how your router uses the traffic usage feature.

This allows you to stop them before they exhaust the data you have assigned to them.

Satellite Internet Service Providers – Who are they?

Satellite internet is, not surprisingly, an internet service offered to you via satellite. Signals are sent between a satellite dish installed in your home and your satellite provider in space. The fact that it is transported by satellite makes it an excellent choice for people who live in remote locations and do not have access to cable or DSL internet.

If the only option is a dial-up Internet connection, which can often be found in remote locations, satellite Internet can provide much higher speeds.

The three main providers of satellite Internet services are HughesNet, Excede and Dishnet. Excede has the highest announced speeds (at the time of writing this article), although the actual speeds you will receive will depend on the plan you choose.

One thing you will certainly notice when looking for packages is that satellite internet is generally much more expensive than equivalent cable or DSL services.

Moreover, despite the higher cost of satellite internet, it poses other problems that make it a worse option than ADSL/cable. For example, due to the enormous distance the signal has to travel, there is a considerable delay that can complicate things like games. The signal you receive may also be affected by factors such as bad weather.

So you normally only choose satellite internet if you have no other choice.

Before going to the next section describing the main satellite Internet routers, ask your service provider if you can use your own router. …to replace it.

Top-3 Router for Satellite Internet

1. Nighthawk AC1900 R7000-Router



>> Click here to read customer reviews and learn more about Amazon.

Any Netgear Nighthawk series router should be a wise choice. This special version is not only of standard design, but also has a number of interesting features that you can use.

It enables fast data transmission over the network with AC Wireless and includes features such as three antennas and beamforming to ensure the data is sent directly to you.

It has a QoS feature that allows you to limit or prioritize certain types of data, which is ideal if you have limited bandwidth, while Netgear Genie allows you to manage your network. It can even be done remotely, so you can change settings and manage your network when you’re away from home.

Unfortunately, the use of VPN can be difficult due to the long delays in connecting to the Internet via satellite. Also, the router claims to be built for games, but you can fight against satellite communications.

Even if you can’t use these functions, this router is incredibly reliable!

> To find out more about the R7000, click here.

2. Asus RT-AC66U



>> Click here to read customer reviews and learn more about Amazon.

This router from Asus is a reliable router that should not disappoint. It looks great and has features such as dual-band functionality, Gigabit Ethernet ports and wireless AC power, making it an excellent router for everyone.

The ASUSWRT dashboard is designed for satellite Internet users. From there, you can manage and control all aspects of your network so that nothing is wasted on your valuable bandwidth.

Thanks to the integrated QoS function, it is also easy to optimize your network. This section also makes it easy to track internet usage and provides an easy-to-read graph.

As with the Nightgear router described above, you may not be able to use the VPN functions. However, this is another very reliable router that will work well with a satellite internet connection.

> You can find the full report here.

3. Sync EA6100 AC1200 Dual Band Wi-Fi Router



>> Click here to read customer reviews and learn more about Amazon.

The main difference between Linksys routers is Smart Wi-Fi and Smart Wi-Fi applications that allow you to manage and control your network.

With full control over your network, you are unlikely to spend bandwidth on unnecessary data downloads. All this is easy to set up and even a person who has no experience with network management should be able to work without any problems.

What’s more, the Linksys router compares well with other routers on the list and features dual-band connectivity, AC wireless technology and Gigabit Ethernet ports to help you get the most out of your network.


And that’s all it has to do with satellite routers. If you are considering a Wi-Fi satellite connection or just want to upgrade your router, one of the above routers is probably a good choice.

Don’t forget that no matter which router you buy, you need to use the network management features to avoid wasting your data!

Thank you for reading this report. Leave a comment below if you have any questions.



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