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Best Wireless 802.11ac Laptop Cards

The 802.11ac is the latest and fastest way to connect to a wireless network. In theory, it is capable of reaching speeds in gigabits per second, which is a significant improvement over the old 802.11n Wi-Fi standard.

First selection: 3 Best AC wireless card for your laptop

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The .11ac domain can give you a real speed advantage when it comes to connecting to the Internet and transferring files over the network.

But what if your laptop has an older standard?

If this is the case, it is likely that you will benefit from installing an 802.11ac wireless card. Read the following to learn more about 802.11ac wireless cards for laptops.

PCI-E cards for desktop computers

What are the advantages of installing a wireless AC card?

Installing an 802.11ac wireless card has several advantages. Compared to older standards, the transfer speed is much higher, which is an advantage when transferring files and watching videos online.

You may have seen Wi-Fi 802.11ac USB Wi-Fi adapters before, and while they are certainly a good and simple option, installing the card offers benefits such as freeing up your valuable USB memory and reducing the risk of losing the adapter.

How to choose a new Wi-Ficard?

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a wireless card for your laptop is whether or not the purchased Wi-Fi card is compatible with your laptop’s model. This involves checking whether the technology is supported and the size of the Wi-Fi card.

Finally, check that your card has the same number of antennas as your old card. To check this, please refer to your laptop manufacturer’s manual.

How do I install an 802.11ac Wi-Fi card in alaptop?

Installing an 802.11ac card is not the easiest, but it is more than manageable. It is useful to check the manufacturer’s warranty before opening your computer and playing with its internal contents.

You first need to find an adapter that is compatible with your laptop. Just like installing a wireless card on a PC, you have to think about things like card size and laptop compatibility.

To install the card, with details limited to your laptop, the general model looks like this.

Best 802.11ac Wi-Fi cards for your laptop

Here are some of the best laptop Wi-Fi cards on the market. They all offer a strong set of features, but what’s best for you depends on your specific situation.

1. Bplus Network Intel 7260.HMWGWifi Card

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  • A robust adapter that works with a variety of laptops
  • Provides good performance in 802.11ac networks and reliable connections.
  • An internet connection is required to download and install the drivers. Therefore, make sure you have an Ethernet connection when you install the adapter.

2. Intel 3160 Dual Band Wireless AC + Bluetooth Mini PCIe Card

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  • Including Bluetooth 4.0 connection
  • Allows a large number of laptops to be upgraded to 802.11ac.
  • The 1×1 wireless system can slow down the speed compared to some other wireless cards.

3. Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260NGW Bluetooth 4.0 Wi-Fi Card

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  • 2×2 dual-band radio stations, including Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
  • Optimized power mode makes your notebook last longer
  • Normally considered easy to install


The 802.11ac wireless card is a great way to upgrade your laptop’s wireless card to meet the latest wireless standard. Consider this as a more permanent update than using a USB adapter.

This should greatly improve your connectivity (if you are currently using .11n or earlier) when connecting to an 802.11ac network.

Again, when purchasing a wireless card, it is important to ensure that the card you purchase is compatible with your laptop. Also be careful when opening your laptop to install a new wireless card.

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