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Can I change the voice of Alexa?


The world of smart devices has changed dramatically with the arrival of intelligent assistants such as Alexa from Amazonia – it has become possible to control almost every voice! Moreover, for those who live alone, the presence of Alexa helps to break the otherwise deafening silence.

But no matter how many Amazons try to bring more humanity into Alexa’s voice, you can always hear the mechanical factor in him. And of course it can be a little tiring for your ears to hear the same slightly robotised voice reaction every day.

Which begs the question: Is there any way to change Alexa’s voice? Or can I at least change Alexa’s accent?

Can you change your voice to Alex?

While it’s cool to change Alexa’s voice, imagine a cult voice like Morgan Freeman blossoming in your device – unfortunately that’s not an option. At least not yet.

Amazon developers are trying to make Alexa sound more and more human, and one of the latest developments in this field is the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML).

SSML allows users to give Alexa a more natural voice. Perhaps the most characteristic feature of this ability is Aleksey’s ability to whisper.

Other features include changes to Alexa’s call speed and call height. Although users cannot convert Alexa’s voice to a male one, lowering the pitch can make it sound more masculine.

For families with children or for people with more sensitive feelings, it is possible to swallow words in exile, write words or replace words if you want Alexa to say something other than what has been written.

SSML also offers the possibility to add sound fragments, insert pauses in Alexa’s monotonous answers and change the pronunciation of certain words.

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How to change Alexa’s accent

The other option is to change Alexa’s accent. At this point you can switch from an American accent to a British accent.

Or, if you want to purify German, you can change your language to German.

To change the accent (or language) of Alexes’ speech 1 :

1. Open the Alex application on your phone.

2. Go to the Settings menu.

3. Scroll down the list of devices connected to your Alexa application. Find a device to change your accent or language.

4. Select the device and then search for the language.

5. Click on the drop-down menu and select the desired accent or language.

6. Click on Save changes.

To change Alexa’s accent or let her speak English, follow these steps:

You can also watch the video below, which will guide you through the process.


One of the advantages of owning an ultrasound is that it is constantly updated. The developments that occur give the users something new, new skills and new learning opportunities every time.

Although it is currently not possible to change Alexa’s voice completely, changes have already taken place to make Alexa’s voice more human.

What’s more, Alexa can now speak with an accent you’re more familiar with. I’m sure the updates will contain more languages.

From now on, we patiently wait for Morgan Freeman’s voice to become an option.

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