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CrystalDiskInfo Showing ‘Caution’: 3 Data Points to be checked immediately

I was in your shoes. You have just opened CrystalDiskInfo and a yellow warning appears next to one of your hard drives with caution – what do you do now? Is your hard drive about to fail? Do you need to replace your hard drive urgently? Is it really that bad/can we keep using the hard drive?

Before we can understand what each S.M.A.R.T. data point means, I have to correct a common mistake I’ve seen on the internet:

CrystalDiskInfo 100

You are unlikely to have 100 newly distributed/shipped or uninstallable sectors, you are probably looking at the wrong column in CrystalDiskInfo. You do not want to display the Current or Worst column, but only the Raw values column.

The Raw values column is the actual number of errors your meter detects for this S.M.A.R.T. attribute. It can sometimes be displayed by default as a hexadecimal value (letters and numbers), which is not very useful unless you can convert the hexadecimal to decimal in your head; if you’re not a robot, you can change this by going to the next element:

Function -> Advanced functions -> Raw values in CrystalDiskInfo and set the parameter to 10 DEC to get a decimal output for the Raw values column. This gives you the actual number of each column, without the gibberish that only robots can read from memory.

Common CrystalDiskInfo data points to alert you

There are three common errors that cause CrystalDiskInfo to warn you about the status of your hard drive, so let’s take a look at them and see exactly what each of them means.

CrystalDiskInfo C5 – Current numerator of unfinished sectors

A number greater than 0 in column C5 – number of sectors currently being processed – causes CrystalDiskInfo to disable the alert. The current counter for unfinished sectors is a warning for unstable sectors on the drive that are waiting to be moved (redistributed) to free space on the drive.

Basically, your hard drive has difficulty reading a sector and you are considering moving it to one of the spare sectors. The reset sector counter can go up or down, depending on whether the meter can read the sector data successfully later, or if the sector is bad, it becomes a redistributed sector (ID 05) and the reset sector counter goes down, but the redistributed sector counter goes up.

Incomplete sectors are an alarm signal indicating that your meter may be defective. The chance of a disc error can mainly be determined by the speed at which this number increases. If the counter is low enough (e.g. <20) and it remains exactly the same after you continue using the disk, reboot the system, etc., you will need to change the counter. However, as more and more sectors are waiting, the drive must be replaced immediately to avoid data loss.

CrystalDiskInfo 05 – Reallocation of sectors, account

A number greater than 0 in line 05 – Redistribution of sectors prints the CrystalDiskInfo warning system and starts the warning. The number of redistributed sectors is the total number of sectors on your hard drive that has been redistributed into reserve sectors (this is the reserve area of your hard drive that is available if the main drive sector is faulty).

Essentially, your hard drive has encountered an error while reading, writing, or checking data in a sector of the drive and has redistributed data from that sector to a free sector (free space) of the drive.

Redistributed sectors are an alarm signal that indicates that the player may die if the number is very high or increases rapidly. If you have redistributed 1, 2, or even 20 sectors on your disk, this can’t cause panic because many hard drives can last for years and only a few damaged sectors will be redistributed. But you should keep a close eye on this song, because if it increases over time, the hard drive is likely to die. The redistribution of sectors is fairly sharp from 1 to 20-200 per thousand if dynamics are weak. Check your disk after every reboot or when adding additional data to see if this number has changed.

This is a critical error for hard drives, and if your data is important, you should replace the hard drive immediately.

CrystalDiskInfo C6 – Meter for non-eligible sectors

A number greater than 0 in line C6 – Non-fixed sector count activates the CrystalDiskInfo warning. Non-removable sectors are exactly what they claim to be, i.e. disk sectors that, depending on the hard drive, have irreparable errors when trying to read/write.

In fact, you have defective hard disk drive components (sectors) that the system cannot repair by redistributing unused space. This is a critical error and I advise you to replace the hard drive when it is repaired.

As with redistributed and deferred sectors, training can still be used if this calculation does not increase drastically over time. However, it is recommended that you replace the hard drive if your data is important to you and continue to use it only for non-critical data. You need to back up all data on disk immediately if you don’t have the last backup yet.

CrystalDiskInfo Attention: Is my hard drive dying?

If your disc has a warning or a bad warning, this is not always an immediate indication that the disc is about to die. There are many Warning Drives Caution of Bad who survived for years and Warning Drives Well who died an hour later. You should always have the most recent backup of your data, and if you receive a warning, you should see this as a sign that you have an even more recent backup.

The main indicator of a slow disk failure is the large number of these errors and/or their significant increase in a short period of time. If you want to continue using the meter with these errors, you should check the meter daily to make sure there is no large increase in the Rough values column.

CrystalDiskInfo Attention: Replace the hard disk ?

The decision to replace a disk can only be made on the basis of your existing data and your current financial situation. If you don’t have a backup strategy yet, you should implement it immediately – and if you can afford to replace the hard drive, I recommend you do so.

If you would like a second opinion on whether or not to replace your hard drive, please leave a comment on the screenshot of your version of CrystalDiskInfo below, and I will be happy to review it.



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