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Current Pendency Sector Count Warning: What You Need To Know

CrystalDiskInfo displays a warning for your drive and highlights the current number of unfinished sectors with C5 ID? Here’s what you need to know about this S.M.A.R.T. attribute:

What does Current unfinished sector mean ?

The current number of unfinished sectors is the S.M.A.R.T. parameter, which indicates the current number of unstable sectors on the disk waiting for a reboot. If these sectors are successfully read afterwards, the counter will drop. If the drive makes another unsuccessful attempt to read the data in the affected sectors, these sectors will be redistributed to save disk space. After the redistribution of sectors, the current number of unfinished sectors will decrease and the number of redistributed sectors will decrease to.

What is the significance of the current warning for the calculation of the sector?

Very seriously. This is a critical S.M.A.R.T. parameter, and if the counter is increased, it may indicate that a drive failure is imminent. Delayed sectors are the forerunners of newly distributed sectors, which can be a strong indicator of a dead disk on the horizon. You can learn more by reading the article I wrote about the warning on sector recalculation.

While some uncontrolled sectors may have nothing to fear if they remain roughly the same or if they are transferred to redistributed sectors and do not increase radically. The transferred sectors are transformed into newly distributed sectors that display the reserve sector data back on the disk. As long as this number is low enough and does not increase dramatically, your hard drive can continue to operate in normal mode.

Do I need to replace my hard drive if it has unfinished sectors?

It really depends on how you value your data and how you can manage the downtime in case of a drive failure. Personally, I consider a campaign with unfinished or redistributed sectors to be a campaign that is no longer suitable for production and use. If I see an increase in unfinished or redistributed sectors, I immediately buy a new hard drive and use it for non-critical functions or for testing on other machines I own.

If you are using this drive for non-critical purposes and you have backed up all the data on this drive (or the data is not important), you can continue to use this drive until it dies. If your primary drive or bootable media contains delayed sectors, I strongly recommend that you back up all the important data on the drive and replace it as soon as possible.

Data backup

This is good advice that you should always follow, but if your drive has an increase in pending sectors, I suggest that you immediately back up all important data on that drive to another hard drive or to your cloud backup provider. The player continues to function normally, but I tend to be cautious and suggest that you back up everything immediately in case it fails by accident.

A hard drive malfunction suddenly occurs and the S.M.A.R.T. data comes in as an alarm signal for possible malfunctions. Remove this sign from your hard drive to back up your data and think about how to replace it.

Can you correct/reduce the number of unfinished areas?

It is possible that the reader has misread the sector and that the score automatically drops after a new attempt and a successful reading of the sector. One of the only ways for the reader to read back these delayed sectors is to reset the drive, i.e. by completely erasing the drive and writing each sector to zero. In most operating systems you can do this by executing the command Secure Disk Erase.

Note that resetting the drive to zero destroys all the data it contains and you actually get an empty and new hard drive. Therefore, do not reset the drive if you do not have additional backups of your data and do not install everything on the drive.

After resetting the reader, you should be able to check again for errors and see if the sectors are still waiting. If the unaddressed sector counter has gone down, check the counter for newly distributed sectors and make sure it hasn’t gone up either. If you have redistributed the number of sectors, I strongly advise you to replace the drive.

RMA’ing A drive with unfinished sectors

If the player is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, or if you are using a pre-assembled system from a major manufacturer under warranty, consider an RMA of the player (beginning of the warranty return procedure). You can check the current status of your hard drive on the manufacturer’s website. I have included some links to popular sites below to check the manufacturer’s warranty for hard drives. If the manufacturer is not listed, quickly search Google to find <hard drive manufacturer> + warranty status.

To check the warranty status of your player, you will need the serial number, which can be found in the CrystalDiskInfo or printed on the top of the player.

Warranty status check:

  • Seagate warranty assessment
  • Western Digital (WD) Warranty Verification
  • HST warranty check
  • Toshiba Warranty Check

If you give a warranty on your drive, be aware that you will not restore the same drive or your data. You should make a backup copy before sending the hard drive, because the manufacturer will send you a remanufactured (or sometimes new but unlikely) hard drive from their RMA warehouse. It will be a completely blank disk, they will not copy your data to your data, and they will not send you back to your original disk if you forget to save a copy of your data. So make a backup before you send it!

How can we check the number of unfinished sectors at present?.


You can use the free program CrystalDiskInfo under Windows to check the current counter of the waiting area. You can download it on CrystalMark.

CrystalDiskInfo ID C5 Current sector counter 100
Many people tend to misunderstand CrystalDiskInfo data at first sight. The column you need to pay attention to is the Gross Value column to get the actual number of sectors moved. If it consists of hexadecimal characters, you can change it to decimal by clicking -> Advanced functions -> Raw values and set it to 10 DEC.


To verify certain S.M.A.R.T. data, such as the current pending sector on a Mac, you will need third party software such as DriveDx ($19.99, free trial available). This is a paid program, but the free trial period should be enough to quickly check your current areas.



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