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Digital Jewelry-Usable Electronic Device

Digital Jewelry-Usable Electronic Device

Mobile computing technology is starting to break the chains that bind us to our offices, but many modern mobile devices can still be a little uncomfortable to carry. In the next computer age, there will be an explosion of computer parts all over the body, not just on our desktops. Jewelry is worn for many reasons: for aesthetic reasons, to impress others, or as a symbol of connectedness or engagement. Most jewellery adorns the body and has little practical use. The combination of microcomputers and the increased power of computers has enabled several companies to start up the production of costume jewellery with integrated intelligence, i.e. digital jewellery.

Digital jewelry is fashion jewelry with built-in intelligence. It can best be defined as wireless computers that can be worn and that allow communication via e-mail, voicemail and voice communication.

In this article we investigate how different automated jewellery (e.g. earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, etc.) will work with embedded mobile intelligence.

The latest computer hobby was the ability to carry wireless computers. The best examples are Red-Tacton technology, portable biosensors, smart watches, etc. Digital jewellery seems to be the next trend in the technology wave. In the next wave of mobile computers, our jewelry could double compared to mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and GPS receivers.

The combination of reducing computer equipment and increasing computer power has enabled many companies to produce fashionable jewelry with built-in intelligence. Today, manufacturers can place millions of transistors on a chip, making it possible to produce small devices capable of storing tons of digital data. Digital jewellery seems to be one of the fastest growing segments of its time. Imagine sending a letter to your boss just by talking in a chain. The idea is to be able to communicate with other people via wireless devices. Another important factor in this conceptual market is to remain fashionable at the same time.

Digital jewelry can help solve problems such as forgotten passwords and security symbols. These devices have a small processor and unique identifiers that communicate with local sensors. Digital jewelry is a first term for identifiers that contain personal information such as passwords, identities and account information. They can universally replace your driver’s license, key ring, business cards, credit cards, health insurance cards, company security cards and cash. They can also solve the common dilemma of today’s wired world: a forgotten password.

Digital Jewelry-Usable Electronic Device

portable digital jewellery

How do digital jewellery work?

Soon mobile phones will take on a whole new, seemingly out of shape. Instead of a single device, mobile phones are divided into their main components and packaged as different parts of digital jewellery or other portable devices. Each piece of jewellery contains a number of parts of a normal mobile phone. A digital jewellery phone should work just like a normal mobile phone.

Different components in the mobile phone: Microphone, receiver, touch screen, display, circuit board, antenna, battery.

IBM has developed a prototype mobile phone consisting of several digital jewels that will work together wirelessly, possibly with Bluetooth wireless technology, to perform the functions of the above components.

Here you will find computer-assisted jewellery phones and their functions:

  • Earrings – The speakers built into these earrings are the telephone receiver.
  • Collar – Users speak into the collar’s built-in microphone.
  • Ring – Perhaps the most interesting part of the phone, this magic decoding ring has LEDs flashing to indicate an incoming call. It can also be programmed to flash in different colours to identify a particular caller or to indicate the importance of the call.
  • Wristband – Equipped with Video Graphics Array (VGA), this wrist display can also be used as Caller ID, with the caller’s name and phone number flashing.

On a jewellery phone, the keyboard and dialling function can be integrated into the wristband or even reset – it is likely that voice recognition software will be used to make calls, an option already common on many modern mobile phones. Just say the name of the person you want to call and the phone will call them. IBM is also working on a miniature battery to power these components.

Digital Jewelry-Usable Electronic Device

Digital jewellery will not only change the way we make phone calls, but also the way we deal with the ever-increasing bombardment of email. Imagine that the same ringtone that flashes when you call can also tell you that emails are piling up in your mailbox. This flashing warning may also indicate the urgency of an e-mail. The two most recognizable elements of a personal computer are the mouse and the screen. These devices are as familiar today as television.

The mouse ring developed by IBM will use the company’s Track Point technology to move the cursor wirelessly across a computer screen. You are probably more familiar with Track Point than with the small button built into the keyboard of some laptops. IBM researchers have transferred the groundbreaking technology to a ring that looks like a black pearl necklace. At the top of the ring is a small black ball that the user rotates to move the cursor in the same way as the Track Point button on the laptop is used.

This tracking ring will be very valuable when the monitors are compressed to the size of the dial. In the coming era of ubiquitous computing, displays will no longer be tied to desktops or wall screens. Instead, wear the display like sunglasses or a bracelet. Researchers overcome various obstacles that stand in the way of these new hard-wearing displays. The most important thing is the readability of the information displayed on these small devices.

Digital Jewelry-Usable Electronic Device

Prototype of an IBM presentation bracelet

Charmed Technology sells all its digital jewellery, including a futuristic eyepiece. The eyepiece is part of the display of the company’s Charmed Communicator, which carries a wireless broadband Internet access device that can be operated by voice, pen or pocket keyboard. The Communicator can be used as an MP3 player, video player and mobile phone. The Communicator runs on the Nanix Linux-based operating system.

Similar models are available:

1. Grenade ring:

Digital Jewelry-Usable Electronic Device

The picture above shows a ring with a microprocessor. It vibrates to let you know you’ve received a message from someone.

2. Java Ring:

It seems that everything we have access to today is under lock and key. Even the devices we use are password protected. It can be frustrating to try to store all the passwords and keys needed to access a door or computer program. Dallas Semiconductor is developing a new Java-based computer ring that automatically opens doors and enters the computer.

Digital Jewelry-Usable Electronic Device

Ring of Java

The Java Ring, first presented at the Java One conference, was tested at Vacation School, an innovative K-12 school near Orlando, Florida. The rings provided to students are programmed using Java applets that interact with guest applications on networked systems. Applets are small applications that are meant to run in another application. The Java Ring is placed in a drive, a so-called Blue Dot receiver, to enable communication between the host system and the Java Ring.

Java Ring is a 16 mm stainless steel ring with one millionth transistor processor called iButton. The ring has 134 KB RAM, 32 KB ROM, a real-time clock and a virtual Java machine, which is part of the software that recognizes and translates the Java language for the user’s computer system.


More and more portable devices are being used in today’s world. If you compare the size of today’s electronic devices with those of ten years ago, you can think about the progress that has been made in the world of technology. By the end of the decade, we may be able to carry our computers instead of sitting in front of them. Digital jewellery, which is intended to complement the personal computer, will represent the development of digital technology, making the computer components fully compatible with human form.



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