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Hotstar App On PC – Free Download 

Hotstar App On PC – Free Download 

Looking to Access Hotstar App On PC?

Nowadays, people prefer watching tv serials on online entertainment platforms. The craze for these online platforms is rising rapidly and it can be accessed with the purchase of their premium packages. Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. are some of the leading apps that are providing the best services for watching web series, movies, tv serials, etc. The best thing about these apps is that they can be used on portable devices such as mobile and laptop,  making it easier to watch your favourite video wherever you are. 

This article is all about accessing Hotstar Mod Apk on your PC. You might be thinking How can we download Hotstar on our PC as it is not available on the Windows app store. We will be sharing the methods to download the Hotstar app on your PC, therefore you have to go through the words written further in this article. 

What is Hotstar? 

Hotstar is a premium video streaming app that offers its users to access all the shows of star channels. You can watch old serials also that have gone off air from the TV. People prefer this app usually for watching live sports matches and accessing episodes of different serials in advance rather than watching them at their usual time. 

Now, it has Disney and Star production merged into one app. You can access all the shows of  Disney as well as of star production. It can be easily downloaded on mobile but you may face issues while downloading it on your PC. It is free to download and you can purchase a  premium package according to your preference. Jio tv can be an alternative for watching  Indian tv shows but still, Hotstar is the best-ranked entertainment provider app. 


To gain a better understanding, you must have a look at the amazing features of the Hotstar  app listed below, that you can enjoy on your PC or mobile: 

  • Free to Download– You can download Hotstar for free of cost. You don’t have to pay any amount to make it available on your device. This enables many people to get this app for their entertainment purpose. You can download it from the app store on your mobile and for PC you can access it from its official website or you can get an emulator to download it. 
  • Watch TV Shows– You can watch the Tv shows offered by Hotstar anytime. You will not be restricted by the app for watching any show on it. You can even watch old shows of Star and Disney channels in Disney Hotstar. You will get the episodes of current on-air shows in advance on Hotstar, therefore you don’t have to wait for the usual time for the telecast on TV. 
  • Cheap Premium Rate– You can easily avail of the premium membership for just  Rupees 199 and can enjoy all the features provided by Hotstar. You can access the advanced episodes, in this premium package, before it gets telecasted on the TV.  You can pay once and watch a variety of videos and content on this app. 
  • Free for the first month– When you will download the Hotstar on your device, you will be asked to give your card’s details for the payment purpose. After adding your payment method, you will be provided a first-month subscription for free. You can detach your card’s detail whenever you want.
  • Adjust the Quality of Videos– This app allows you to adjust the video quality according to your preference. You don’t have to worry about your data consumption while playing the video on the highest quality, as you can adjust it to save your data.  You can also download the video to watch later. 
  • Downloading at Poor Internet Connection– This app allows you to download the videos at a very poor internet connection as well. Sometimes, due to network issues,  you may face problems related to loading the video. At that time, you can download the video to watch it later, even if you have less data or a poor internet connection. 

How to Install Hotstar on your PC? 

You can easily download the Hotstar app on Android and iOS from the google play and App store respectively, but you may face problems while searching for this app on your Windows app store. You can either open through its official website on the search engine or you can go for an emulator on your PC. 

Go through each step listed below to reach the final goal of downloading Hotstar on your PC: 

  1. Search for an emulator on your PC, if it is already installed then directly open the emulator and if not, then install Bluestack from google and then open it. 2. Login with your Google account in Bluestack to activate the google services. 3. From the search bar of the emulator, type Hotstar by Novi Digital Entertainment Pvt.  Ltd., then click on the search button. 
  2. Find the actual app, from a series of apps that will appear on your screen, and click on the Install button. 
  3. The installation process will complete automatically and it will get available on your device as ready to use the app. 
  4. Open the Hotstar app and fill in all the necessary details required to continue further. 

There is also a second method for installing Hotstar on your PC i.e., downloading the APK  file. 

  1. Click here to visit the website from where you can download the APK file of Hotstar. 2. Find the button “Download Hotstar APK file” on the landing page and click on it to start downloading. 
  2. Now, the file could be visible on your download list, just drag the file to the emulator to complete the installation or you can also right-click on the file and then select open with Bluestack option. 
  3. After the completion of the installation process just log in and enjoy all the features of the app. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can we access all the premium features for free? 

Ans- No, you have to purchase the subscription to access all the premium features.

  • Does it work similarly to the android Hotstar app? 

Ans- Yes, it works just as the Hotstar app you use on your android device. Can we access the on-air serial’s episodes in advance? 

Ans- Yes, you can get the episodes in advance before it gets telecasted on the Tv. What is the size of the Hotstar app for downloading on PC? 

Ans- It is a 21.11 MB file that you have to download to run on your PC.


This app is totally worth its money, as you will get Disney plus star channel’s shows on one platform. We will recommend you to go for this app, as you have to pay once and then you can access all your favourite old and new shows for a longer time period. This article was written to assist you in installing this app on your PC for a better visual display, and we hope you found it useful.

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