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How to Connect AirPods to Android

How to Connect AirPods to Android

You can make the most of a couple of new AirPods while having an Android device. You must have thought the same and searched for How to connect Airpods on Android phones. 

Although it is recommended to pair this technology with that of the parent company or an Apple iPhone, nothing excludes the possibility of combining two elements of different companies.

There are several elements that demonstrate how the AirPods are studied in detail to offer 100% of their potential when paired with Apple devices. 

Just think of the chip they are equipped with. This allows the headphones to be immediately recognized by the iPhone and iPad upon opening the case. 

This applies to both the first generation, the second and the Pro one. In this way, it will be possible to open the case, see your device react and have the headphones ready to use as soon as they are inserted in the ear provided of course that it is activated by Bluetooth on your device.

The situation is different in the case of Macs, whether these laptops or iMacs. In fact, automatic recognition is not provided for these types of devices.

 It is necessary to access the list of Bluetooth devices, selecting the AirPods manually. The same process is required for Android devices as well as for any other product that boasts Bluetooth.

Connect the AirPods on Android

While you can connect your AirPods on Android devices that don’t mean you can make the most of them. In this case, not having an Apple product to connect to, all that is available are the basic functions. 

In order to have access to the advanced section of your headphones, the use of third-party apps is required.

  • The first step is obviously to activate Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system. Doing so is very simple and there are two paths to follow. 
  • You can go to Settings, clicking on Connections and finally on Bluetooth making a switch from off to on. 
  • Alternatively, you can drop the curtain while remaining in the home of the smartphone or tablet by clicking on the Bluetooth icon located among the various others.
  • If opening the case is enough to initiate a connection, this is not the case with non-Apple devices.
  • You need to take out your headphones and press the setup button. This is present on the back. 
  • It is necessary to hold it down for the time necessary to start the light status indicator. This means that the white light will start flashing.
  • You can therefore select the name of the AirPods from the section dedicated to devices that can be connected via Bluetooth with access from Setup-Connections-Bluetooth.

How to use AirPods on Android

The first thing to decide whether to do or not after pairing the headphones is enabling audio calls and the playback of multimedia content by selecting both functions or giving up one of them. 

You can decide this at the time of mating or later. 

To do this, you can click on the gear wheel icon next to the name of the AirPods headphones in Settings-Connections-Bluetooth.

 It will be possible to select on or off next to the items relating to the audio call and multimedia audio.

Alternatively, you can access the notification center by making the curtain appear from the home screen and by selecting the option to manage the audio output. 

Generally, the volume management of the AirPods is manageable through the physical buttons of the smartphone or tablet placed on the body.

Apple headphones also allow instant audio playback using the simple touch of the headset, if you have a first or second-generation model available. 

In the case of AirPods Pro, you have to press the outer end of the headphones. 

This will start the audio of the open multimedia player or of the app in the foreground. With the same gestures, you can answer a phone call and close it.

 To be able to contact the voice assistant on Android, it is necessary to say the phrase: “Ok Google”.

As for the customization of the headphones, the user can rename the headphones. To do this, go to Settings, clicking on Connections, and then Bluetooth.

 Next to the device name, there is a gear wheel (on Android devices). By clicking, you can then select the Rename item by typing what you want in the editable bar that appears.

Although opening the headphones case leads to instant pairing, it is not mandatory to keep the headphones connected to your device. 

You can simply choose to disable Bluetooth or proceed with the dissociation, so as to connect the headphones to a new Android device for example. The Forget item on which to click is present in the Bluetooth section next to the name of the connected AirPods.

AirPods on Android: Which apps to use

The use of the app is necessary if you intend to access more advanced features. Since the earphones have been designed for Apple devices.

These are third-party apps available for free on the Play Store. You can choose between various options, depending on your needs:

AirBattery: This app allows the user to view the charge level of their AirPods. You can also set some preferences such as automatic pauses when the earphones are removed from the ears. 

After making the connection between the device and headphones, the app will open automatically.

MaterialPods: Using this app you can view the remaining charge level in your AirPods. The user will have to make his way through widgets of various kinds, notifications, and a special pop-up window. 

The design of the app intrigues and teases the user who will be able to customize various settings, in order to make everything more suited to his needs. 

Assistant Trigger: By downloading and opening this application, you will be able to view a retractable box that is always available. 

So that you can quickly access the basic information of your AirPods, such as the charge level, both of the earphones, and the case. There is no cost to download. It is totally free. 

AirDroid: An app that like the others available on the Play Store allows you to check the charge level of the AirPods as well as the relative case. 

On the display of your smartphone and tablet, you will see a special popup to check the data of the headphones. There will be a special widget or alternatively, the information will be reported in the Notification Center. 

AirPods and AirPods Pro: Differences

We’ve highlighted some slight setup differences between AirPods and AirPods Pro, whether they’re used on Android or Apple devices.

 If you abandon the theme of settings and come to that of features, the two models (second generation and Pro) seem very distant from each other. It is inevitable that the evolution of the product makes its weight felt.

The AirPods Pro boasts active noise cancellation. The level of erasing can be adjusted also allowing you to choose the “transparency mode”. 

The latter guarantees the user a perception of the audio facing outwards so as to come into contact with the surrounding environment, when necessary.

No active noise cancellation expected for previous generation AirPods. These rely solely on the tightness of their silicone inserts to reduce external discomfort. The AirPods Pro is also water-resistant. 

It is obviously not recommended for use underwater or in the shower. However, they become faithful training companions, managing not to suffer damage caused by sweat or minimal doses of water in contact.

The silicone inserts of the Pro version are customizable. This means that they are much more adaptable than the previous model, so as to adapt in the best possible way to the user’s auricle.

 The inserts of the first and second generation on the other hand are made of plastic which cannot be replaced in any way, if necessary.

The Pro version boasts a pressure valve. In some cases, it is possible to feel a feeling of discomfort when wearing earphones. Probably the problem is to be found in a small pressure accumulated inside the ear. 

All this happens at the time of insertion and as the hours go by, it could generate annoyances. The new version of the Apple earphones boasts a very small valve to reduce this pressure for greater comfort. 

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